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Awards: Not yet introduced.
Genetics: Bubble Gum, Kush
Effect: Relaxing, narcotic, Long lasting.


20%  SATIVA  -  80%  ÍNDICA  

THC:  18.17  CBD:  0.1   CBN:  0.41  

Bubble Gum x Kush.

Relajante y duradero.
Medicinalmente efectiva contra el dolor e insomnio.

9 semanas, con una producción de hasta 800 gr/m2.
Excelente para SoG o ScrOG.

Lista para la primera semana de Octubre (Hemisferio Norte).
Con una producción de hasta 1.000 gr/planta.
Planta baja y densa.

1er Treating Yourself Medical Cup 2010.

so far I am impressed, a one gallon pot of coco coir, week 6 looks like the nugs are gonna be tight n dank, out of 5 seeds, only one survived, but thats all I need, got over a dozen clones and waiting for 4 more weeks to taste her, plant is strong, and grew very fast once it hit a foot tall....will review the bud when its done...

I took the first time today, i been sussessfully grown one plant.
What i like about this strain is that it försent affect my mind and moof that much, its just relaxing. It makes me want to be silent and just enjoy.,
so not for social activities :)
(I got 5 sativa plants for that purpose)

One of the best Kush in seed form. The only thing GreenHouse Seeds should do is to remove that " Bubble Gum " in the parents.
I ran many seeds of this, and none had bubblegum scent in it or not even close to that kind.
This is PURE Coffee, Earth, Chocolate and Berries undertones. All my phenos were almost purple-ish or even black.
The stone was so strong it became one of my fav Kush in seed form.

Please GreenHouse, tell people the truth, it's for your own good. This is very very VERY similar to Pre-98 Bubba Kush, you shouldn't ashame your genetics like this.

Sad to read all these negative reviews... GHS Bubba Kush is one of my favorites.

This the first one I would like to try.

Meh. They hermed... pretty Larfy and leafy, purple never came through had my temps set to 58 at night. Smells amazing, buds were just okay...not too dense. Pack of 5 all did the same things.

i've been growing this strain for many years now and it never let me down. Strange to hear that previous review.
I will advise to look for the Grow Sessions videos it helped me a lot.

1 of 5 plants survived and germinated into one leaf plant. others died after repot to soil. Had 5 different plants from another SB they all fine with no problem. im prety sure they had all they need so it was not my mistake.
After first week of 12/12 i can see male balls. Nice feminised Male. RIP bubba kush. im sorry guys but this was my first and the last experience with GHS seeds.. it make my grow very sad.
Peace Jointza

had a hermie but maybe i stressed it lol.. smoke was absolutely amazing it blew all my friends away
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