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Genetics:  OG Kush x Sour Diesel.
Effect: Narcotic with strong perception alteration, long-lasting.
Medicinally used against chronic pain.


30%  SATIVA  -  70%  ÍNDICA  

THC:  21.51  CBD:  1.50%   CBN:  N/A  

OG Kush x Sour Diesel.

Fuerte alteración de la percepción, duradero.
Medicinalmente usada contra el dolor crónico.

9 semanas con una producción de hasta 800 gr/m2. Ideal para ScrOG o LST.

Lista para la primera semana de Octubre (Hemisferio Norte).
Con una producción de hasta 1.000 gr/planta. Planta muy ramificada y con internudos.

2o IC-420 Growers Cup 2008.

Is this grade still being produced? When will it be available for purchase?

The best flavour ive had in weed came from this strain it had an orange scent that u could smell as u walked up to the house and a taste of orange creamsicles after a few days some strains tend to stop doing nething id smoke it just to have the taste and shes no longer rip there buddy karmas a bitch

Chemdog is the best strain in the world. I've grown for over 40 years, and tried many strains, including several big names from Green House Seeds. None compare to Chemdog. Everyone I share this with absolutely love it. This strain is very easy to grow, with great yield, and top quality buds with a unique smell. The high from this strain is what sets it apart. Very strong, and long lasting, yet not so overwhelming. I don't get panic or "freaking out" with this. It lasts a long time and leaves you with a super good positive feeling for hours. The whole world should try this strain.
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