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Nach dem tragischen Verlust von Franco Loja Anfang des Jahres 2017 hat die ganze Welt auf eine Sorte zu seinem Gedenken gewartet.

Die Sorte, die Franco am Besten repräsentiert konnte nur die letzte Kreuzung sein, an der er gearbeitet hat. Die Kreuzung seiner zwei Lieblingssorten: Dem mehrmaligen Cup-Winner Super Lemon Haze und dem berühmten Exodus Cheese.

Green House Seed Co is donating profits from the sales of Franco’s Lemon Cheese to the Franco Loja fund which will help finance his children’s education.


60%  SATIVA  -  40  INDICA  

THC:  21.58  CBD:  0.6   CBN:  0.19  

Super Lemon Haze x Exodus Cheese (Franco's letzte Selektion)

Sehr starker Limonengeruch mit dem typischen Cheese-Geschmack beim Ausatmen.
Das High ist sehr stark, sozial und anregend.
Medizinisch wirksam in der Schmerztherapie. Wirkt Appetitanregend.

Blütezeit drinnen
9-11 Wochen, mit einem Ertrag bis zu 750 g/m2.
Mittlere Größe, lange Zweige.
Sehr gut auf ScrOG oder LST.

Blütezeit draußen
Anfang November in der nördlichen Hemisphäre
mit einem Ertrag bis zu 1000g pro Pflanze.
Ideal für äquatoriale, tropische,
subtropische und gemäßigte Klimazonen.
Hohe Pflanze, braucht Unterstützung.

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Just finished growing one of these.
Beautiful plant that produces very sticky bud. Have not smoked it yet, still curing, but it looks 1st class

I have just started growing and Franco’s lemon cheese is the first for me to be honest the leaves have come out rather big but some of them are not like normal leaves it’s one of the biggest crimes I’ve seen so far beautiful colour lovely aroma RIP Franco will always grow Franco’s lemon cheese

Straordinaria Grazie mio Franco già clonata con delle talee grazie riposa in pace amico mio by sascha Ticino

An amazing strain, after years of growing cannabis I have finally found the right plant. I will continue to grow Francos lemon cheese forever! Well done GHSC. Rip Franco

I grew this fully organic in soil, dense buds with good taste, very cheesey and a little bit of that sour citrus taste from the super lemon haze, overall great strain! 5/5

This is a truely special strain not finished yet but its exactly what you think a beautiful blend of citrus and cheese which is hard to describe but exceptional for its terpene profile

Really nice plant,long branches does need support.Nice cone like fruits and smells awesome,sticky resin colas.I think she’ll produce 5 oz/6 dry.Does really well under 600 led with co2 enrichment.She is a tall plant nearly 6 foot tall and only veg for 4 weeks
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