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Awards: 1st prize Bio HTCC 1997. 1st prize HIGHLIFE 2005.
Genetics: Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian.       
Effect: Very strong body effect, stoned and long lasting.


20%  SATIVA  -  80%  INDICA  

THC:  14.94%  CBD:  0.18%   CBN:  0.25%  

Super Skunk x Brazilian x South Indian.

Molto fisico, forte, sedativo e duraturo.
Usata medicinalmente contro il dolore.

9 settimane, con produzione fino a 800 gr/m2.
Ottima per coltivazione a ScrOG (rete) oppure LST (piegando e legando i rami).

Pronta verso la prima settimana di ottobre (emisfero nord) con produzione fino a 1000 gr/pianta.
Pianta di dimensioni ridotte, folta e ramosa.

1o Premio Bio HTCC 1997.

Terpens in Resin - Great White Shark

Great White Shark ® by Weedzilla

Grow Review by WeedZilla

I germed 8 seeds and all 8 popped. I got 7/8 female to male ratio. There was no phenotype variation all plants grew very uniform to one another. It grows very strong during the veg. phase. 6 weeks (42 days) in veg will make a very strong plant. They look very lush and vigorous during veg stage. Clones are easy to make and root quick.

The yield on a 4 foot plant is between 4-5 ounces (No CO2). The buds grow quick and dense. Grows great indoors and outdoors. The trichome production on the plant is incredible, keeping almost a glazing look to the nugs. The plant grows very nice bushes with uniform nugs. Perfect height not to tall not to short. Yields very good for the size it takes up.

Smoke Report:
It makes excellent bubble hash. The nugs look thick and are covered with frosty trichomes. The smell is not all that pungent. Just a fruity/pineapple smell to the herb. The taste is excellent. With a fruity/Skunk taste that hits very smooth. The slight sour undertones stay in the mouth for a few seconds. The high is very strong. It reminds me of the White Widow. The Skunk just makes the high a little more balanced. The White Widow was more head then body.

Overall assessment:
What you would expect from a great breeder like Green House. I love the taste and the high. It grows very uniform which I like. One of the reasons I choose to breed with it. There was almost no variation of phenotypes. All plants grew the same. Many props to them for having very stable genetics.

Heavy hitter, great pain killer

Whouala !!!! trop bonne la weed et facile a cultiver.

used to be called fire diesel in NY after we brought the seeds over from amsterdam. got us stoned for years
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