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Awards: Too numerous to mention
Genetics: Haze X Red Skunk
Effect: Strong on body and mind, long lasting


40%  SATIVA  -  60%  INDICA  

THC:  20.94%  CBD:  0.12%   CBN:  0.04%  

Haze x Red Skunk.

Forte su mente e corpo, complesso e duraturo.
Usata medicinalmente contro il dolore e anche per la stimolazione dell’appetito.

8 settimane, con produzione fino a 800 gr/m 2.
Ottima per coltivazione a ScrOG (rete) oppure LST (piegando e legando i rami).

Pronta alla fine di settembre (emisfero nord) con produzione fino a 1200 gr/pianta.

Troppi per essere riportati integralmente

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Overall, I dont know if my comment is going to get deleted but here is my review, from 30 seeds only 5 were phenotype that smells like "orange bud " only real phenotype if u ask me... every 4th seed is that pheno.... Yield is very very good! I mean it over avrage... but the problem is with green house that they have so much phenytipes that are unformed so some come in 55-60 days and some 70 +.... but if u buy alot of jacks u can be sure that only 1 2 plants will be that fruty phenotype :( I only wish every seed was that pheno then it would be amazing.... thats the only reason nobdy buys greenhouse seeds other then ww cuz theyr strains are unformed... cheers rating? 5/5 for yield flavor 4/5

PC grow,77 days of flowering indoors 136G wet buds.

i planted one in indoor...13 weeks of flower I though 8 weeks

This strain is proof that extremely potent herb has been around for a long time. The plants are large and productive. The spicy peppered taste is unmatched. The high is instant, intense, and long-lasting. Jack Herer is the benchmark.

I liked it
gotta love the jack!
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