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Awards: HighLife 1st Place 2007.
Genetics: Original Skunk, Citral.
Effect: Stoned and long lasting. Intense citrus aroma.


50%  SATIVA  -  50%  INDICA  

THC:  19.12%  CBD:  0.23%   CBN:  0.75%  

Skunk x Citral.

Stoned, langanhaltend. Intensives Citrus-Aroma.

Blütezeit drinnen
8 Wochen mit einem Ertrag bis 800 gr/m 2.
Gut auf ScrOG und LST.

Blütezeit draußen
Ende September in der nördlichen Hemisphaere mit einem Ertrag bis 800 gr/pro Pflanze.

Bis jetzt noch nicht in Wettbewerben vorgestellt.

Qual a altura que o pé chega?

Awsome production, thc and taste!
Great buzz!
Seeds are pooping fastly
I strongly recomend this strain and GH produits.

I tried this strain a few years back and was absolutely blown away by it! There are various Lemon strains out there but none can quite capture the aroma, taste, quality and her tolerance levels are just simply perfect for all type of growers It's piney earthy musky and citrus personified !! GreenHouseSeeds its a personal favourite for me - Franco's Lemon Cheese next for me.

I was suppose to add that the 1 plant under the 600 hps did 110+ dry & cured flower. and had myself and friends green. very strong great for medical usages

I grew 1 of these back when they first came out just 1 plant under 600 hps the results where amazing in terms of weight / bud structure and smell taste and THC content was super strong I don't see why this plant is not crossed more with diesels and kushes man oh man Lemon skunk x kush x nyc I would die in heaven. anyway GH lemon skunk is a win/win.

I've grown it from different banks but GH has the best one imo
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