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Awards: 1st prize HTCC 1997, 1998 and 1999.
Genetics: Skunk, Northern Lights, Haze.
Effect: The most indica between the sativas, a classic hit. Strong, long lasting, blasting.


70%  SATIVA  -  30%  INDICA  

THC:  19.11%  CBD:  0.17%   CBN:  0.74%  

Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze.

Die tolle Indica unter den Sativas, ein echter Klassiker.
Stark, hält lange an und haut dich um.
Medizinisch wirksam in der Schmerztherapie und gegen Schlaflosigkeit. Wirkt Appetitanregend.

Blütezeit drinnen
10 bis 11 Wochen mit einem Ertrag bis 800 gr/m2.
Lange Zweige, gut auf oder LST.

Blütezeit draußen
Mitte Oktober in der nördlichen Hemisphaere, Mai in der südlichen.
Ertrag: bis zu 1500 gr/pro Pflanze.
Ideal für äquatoriale, tropische, subtropische und gemäßigte Klimazonen.

1. Preis Hydro HTCC 1997,
1. Preis HTCC 1998,
1. Preis HTCC 1999.

10 to 11 weeks with yield up to 800 gr/m2.

Long branches, ideal for SCRoG or LST.

Terpens in Resin - Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze ® by dominicangreen (icmag)

39 days 12/12



10 weeks

Super Silver Haze ® by dominicangreen


By domincan green



















Super Silver Haze ® by Nuggetshiner



by Nuggetshiner

(see the original grow-report on



Hi all, bought some SSH on seedbay on May 30, and had them in wet paper towel the day they arrived which according to my records was June 6th. Thanks Seedbay, received Mod's Kali Most as freebie, too cool. I really don't like the idea of 5 packs, not many seeds to get a keeper from but then I thought I don't usually germ more than 5 at a time anyway so what the heck, I've really been wanting to try this strain. Out of five seeds four popped and 1 just sat there for 5 days and I chucked it. Out of the four, 2 fem & 2 males. One male culled and the 1 with excelllent node spacing and structure put into seperate grow chamber for pollen collection. 2 fems sent to veg.
The first few weeks aren't documented well because I hadn't planned on this thread but sometimes as a plant grows they can be so pretty it's hard not to take pics. Oh well, on with the show.


Pics courtesy of Nuggetshiner

Pics courtesy of Nuggetshiner


















Nuggetshiner will soon receive a free t-shirt from Green House Seed Company in appreciation for this grow-report of our strain.

Peace, Love & THC

Crazy fun plant to grow

Even better to smoke sesh it

every shop sells this in amsterdam. my first smoke in town got me floating through the city and since then i grow it every year
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