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Awards: not yet introduced in competitions
Genetics: Swiss sativa, Skunk, Super Skunk, Northern Lights
Effect: a heavy indica feeling that evolves in a long lasting cerebral high


40%  SATIVA  -  60%  INDICA  

THC:  20.28%  CBD:  0.16%   CBN:  0.16%  

Swiss sativa x Super Skunk x Northern Lights.

A heavy indica feeling that evolves in a long lasting cerebral high.
A complex, very social effect.

Flowering Indoor
8 weeks, with a yield up to 800 gr/m 2.
Good for SCRoG or LST.

Flowering Outdoor
Ready at the end of September (North hemisphere) with a production up to 900 gr/plant.
Bushy plant, very mold-resistant, ideal for humid areas.

Not yet introduced.

Church ® outdoors by J

Very uniform plants, 2 phenos were noticed, one slightly higher leaf-to-calyx ratio, the other more compact and less leafy.

Very uniform in smell and flavor.

Thank you Greenhouse!

J from the Southern Hemisphere

church ® by spruceZeus (icmag)

This plant was a real slow starter, with short, indica dominant growt. The leaves have a unique serrated edge that i could pick out of a crowd without a problem. It likes a nice heavy feeding compared to other plants i grow but will do okay with less. After 5 weeks of growth, this plant gave me a 10 clones and went into the flowering room under the 400w hps. The first couple weeks only saw a small amount of stretch.
Flowered for 60 days, pulled when trichs were about 10% amber, a little earlier then i usually chop, but i was feeling impatient so deal with it!

no pics of her in her las week, for some reason...

Waiting for stock...

I want this so bad. So nice and smelling rely good..
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