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Awards: Not yet introduced in competitions.
Genetics: Swiss sativa, Skunk, Super Skunk, Northern Lights.
Effect: A heavy indica feeling that evolves in a long lasting cerebral high. A special taste and a very social effect.


40%  SATIVA  -  60%  INDICA  

THC:  20.28%  CBD:  0.16%   CBN:  0.16%  

Swiss sativa x Super Skunk x Northern Lights.

Un’indica pesante, il cui effetto evolve da fisico a cerebrale, molto duraturo.
Complesso, molto sociale.

8 settimane, con produzione fino a 800 gr/m 2.
Ottima per coltivazione a ScrOG (rete) oppure LST (piegando e legando i rami).

Pronta alla fine di settembre (emisfero nord) con produzione fino a 900 gr/pianta.
Pianta piuttosto folta, resistente alle muffe, ideale per zone umide.

Not yet introduced

Terpens in Resin - The Church

Church ® outdoors by J

Very uniform plants, 2 phenos were noticed, one slightly higher leaf-to-calyx ratio, the other more compact and less leafy.

Very uniform in smell and flavor.

Thank you Greenhouse!

J from the Southern Hemisphere

church ® by spruceZeus (icmag)

This plant was a real slow starter, with short, indica dominant growt. The leaves have a unique serrated edge that i could pick out of a crowd without a problem. It likes a nice heavy feeding compared to other plants i grow but will do okay with less. After 5 weeks of growth, this plant gave me a 10 clones and went into the flowering room under the 400w hps. The first couple weeks only saw a small amount of stretch.
Flowered for 60 days, pulled when trichs were about 10% amber, a little earlier then i usually chop, but i was feeling impatient so deal with it!

no pics of her in her las week, for some reason...

Best indica dominant strain ! Hours of great buzz

The Church est pour moi l'une des meilleures variété de cannabis développée par l'homme, peut être meme celle que je choisirai s'il ne devait en rester qu'une au monde. (sur une cinquantaine de variétés différentes testées).

Cultivée plusieurs années d'affilées, en interieur comme en extérieur, cette variété est la plus versatile (j'ai souvent tendance à l'appeler Versa'Church) et la plus résistante à toute forme de stresse (froid, pluie, vent, aléas de durée d'éclairage, sur-engraissage).

Elle est, comme peu d'autres variétés, idéale pour la réalisation de splendides bonsai cannabique, de taille modérée, très esthétique, grâce à la taille modérée de ses feuilles et à leur formes, et grâce à la souplesse globale de la plante (palissages et pinçages hautement tolérés).

Mais ce qui la rend le plus unique, au delà de son gout floral/skunky/sucré très addictif, bien que pas discret du tout(odeur de la fumée très puissante si bien cultivée), c'est bel et bien ses effets sociabilisants, chauds et motivants, d'une rare efficacité.

Si vous peiner à supporter les gens en général, peu importe les raisons,c'est la the church qu'il vous faut, car elle n'incite pas à l'introspection, bien au contraire, elle pousse à la communication comme aucune autre génétique.

Il y a trop de choses positives à dire sur cette variété, à vrai dire, je lui cherche encore des défauts à l'heure actuelle; en vain....

Mille mercis aux breeder(s) à la base du développement de cet hybride magique, merci Green House seeds pour cette merveille.

As a first-time grower, I tried The Church and Holy Punch on a south-facing balcony. Planted in early June, harvested mid-October. Without any other care than regularly watering the plants, I had a yield of about 50g (dry) from each of them. Pretty happy for someone who hasn't had any for many years...

I did three of these a couple of yrs back when I first started and my set up was pretty basic. A light and a fan out in the garage.
Very pleased with the results. All three stayed fairly short but very bushy and big fat buds and very sticky. Be prepared to get sticky when cropping.
I dried some fairly quickly and put the rest away to dry and cure properly. The quick dry was a good quality smoke. A little harsh but still a nice taste and aroma. A strong hit but mellowed out to a nice relaxed feeling.
Tried the properly cured batch about 4 months later and wh at a difference. The bud smelled quite earthy but with a touch fruity and the smoke was great. The harshness had completely gone and it was very smooth and mellow and the hit was only intensified.
Over all a hardy,resilient and and quite forgiving plant that I would definitely recommend to all. Novices up to regular growers. High yields and high THC content. Give it a go.

Feels good

powdery mildew stalk rot and all white hairs october 24 it should be ready at the end of september and it would be mold resistant none of that what about this King of cannabis ?

13 october and just three weeks into flower i hope it will finish outdoor . it is a late flower this batch . batch before i could harvest much earlier ? if it s gonna freez it will die premature how can this be 'one of the best outdoors in england holland and canada ' when it not even finishes .

This strain is awesome. Plants are strong and productive. The heavy pheno is impervious to mold and powdery mildew.

Waiting for stock...

I want this so bad. So nice and smelling rely good..
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