Highlife Festival

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Awards: 2nd prize HTCC 2005. 3rd prize Champions Cup 2005. 3rd prize Highlife 2006.
Genetics: Neville's Haze, Mango Haze, Laos.
Effect: Great psychoactive high, strong and long lasting. Very uplifting and social, it leaves a very relaxing feeling thanks to the high CBD. Fruity and woody sativa taste.

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Awards: 1st prize Bio HTCC 1997. 1st prize HIGHLIFE 2005.
Genetics: Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian.       
Effect: Very strong body effect, stoned and long lasting.


Awards: Not yet introduced
Genetics: Super Skunk x Brazilian x South Indian
Effects: very strong body effect, stoned and long-lasting

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Awards: 1st prize HTCC 2003. 3rd prize Highlife 2006. 2nd prize Champions Cup 2007
Genetics: Hawaiian, Laos.
Effect: Very well known between heavy smokers that look for strong buds. A sativa-high that creeps on you, followed by a blasting stoned feeling.