HighCloudZ Auto

HighCloudZ x Watermelon Auto
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40%  SATIVA  -  50%  INDICA   10%  RUDERALIS   

HighCloudZ x Watermelon Auto

The effects of the flower will rise slowly after smoking it and settle in your head bit by bit, giving you first a great uplifting and energetic high, followed by some soft and warm bodyfeeling that will make you want to lay down and enjoy the weather along with your friends. A great smoke for every moment of the day.

Flowering Cycle: 9-10 Weeks
Yield: High

Harvest: 10 weeks flowering time
Yield: 140g/plant
Average Height: 160cm

Not yet introduced.

Product info

The HighCloudZ auto is a mix of our HighCoudZ feminised and the Watermelon Autoflowering, to create this autoflowering version of our strain that combines the uplifting and energetic high of the sativa with the sweetness and sourness and heavy effect of the Watermelon Zkittlez.

The HighCloudZ auto grows with a long main cola followed by some strong vigorous secondary branches that will try to compete for the top giving a beautiful canopy of healthy branches. The flowers will become very compact with big calyxes.

The aromas of the HighCloudZ auto is extremly sweet, mixing the sweetness of the Cloud Walker with it's deep, candy sweetness, and Zkittlez background of the WatermelonZ.