Facts About Cannabis Use

The Green House Seed Company does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law.
The products available at the Green House Seed Company are strictly sold as souvenirs.
The information we provided to the public is intended for entertainment, medicinal and educational purposes only.
We do not offer support or dispatch our products where these are considered to be illegal.

The Green House Seed Company does not encourage its customers to consume cannabis.
We do however believe that we have a social responsibility to inform the public about the health risk of cannabis use and addiction.


- Regular cannabis use can lead to serious physical and mental heath problems, such as throat and lung diseases like bronchitis.
- Combusting cannabis is not harmless and research has shown that it does contain cancer-causing chemicals.
- Cannabis use before the age of 21 can cause serious damage to your health.
Although there are many health risks associated with cannabis, there are also beneficial medicinal effects associated with cannabis. Numerous studies have shown that cannabis does have several beneficial medical effects. According to the National Cancer Institute (Cancer.gov), cannabinoids (which are found in cannabis) may be useful in treating the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Cannabinoids are also able to effect:
- Anti-inflammatory activity.
- Blocking cell growth.
- Preventing the growth of blood vessels that supply tumors.
- Antiviral activity.

Cannabinoid receptors exist throughout organs of the human body, primarily in the brain and in the immune system. These cannabinoid receptors act like targets for cannabinoids. Once they bind to the receptors, peptides are released that tell the cancer cells to die, i.e., to commit suicide. Studies on mice and humans have proven that cannabinoids do have the potential to cure cancer.