A.M.S. (Feminised)

Swiss sativa x Swiss indica
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40%  SATIVA  -  60%  INDICA  

THC:  19.05%  CBD:  0.17%   CBN:  0.14%  

Swiss sativa x Swiss indica.

Strong high, with a clear side and a more introspective one.
Very particular taste, sweet and complex.

Flowering Indoor
9 weeks will deliver the most amount of resin, but commercial growers harvest in 8 weeks.
Yield up to 700 gr/m2.

Flowering Outdoor
Ready at the end of September (North hemisphere) with a production up to 800 gr/plant.
Tall plant, very mold-resistant, ideal for humid areas.

Not yet introduced.

Product info

The AMS is one of the most classic outdoor strains from the Green House Seeds catalog. It has won its popularity because of its extreme resistance to pest and fungus, so much so that was named for this quality: Anti Mold Strain Is what AMS stands for, aside from being a little tribute to Amsterdam City.

It is the result of the cross of two old-school Swiss strains that were offered to Arjan by one of his great friends, and the result is a beautiful mix of a mossy-foresty smell and ripe red fruit flavors like an old jam would smell, combined with some rock-hard buds.

The plants grow a beautiful and robust structure. The nodes will not stretch too much, just enough to provide the plant with good resistance to outside attacks like wind or animals. The branches also have strong stems to hold some heavy flowers at the end of the season.

The flowers are dense, compact and covered in beautiful sticky resin. The leaves have a beautiful darker-green hue compared to some other strains. It’s a great plant for stealth growing as well since it is camouflaged very well by other plants.

The smell can get intense by the end of flowering; a strong smell of overripe red fruit will dominate the room.

The effects of the AMS are perfect for a productive and creative day of work; it will hit you fast and strong but leave your body active so you can express yourself or continue your work without feeling couchlock effects.