AlienZ Auto

Alienz x Watermelon Auto
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40%  SATIVA  -  50%  INDICA   10%  RUDERALIS  

THC:  21,00%  CBD:  0,30%   CBN:  0,10%

AlienZ x Watermelon auto

The effect are strong and long lasting, they give some gigly feelings and good mood, perfect for social events or relaxing after a stressfull day.

Flowering Cycle: 9 Weeks
Yield: High
Average height: 150cm 

Yield: 150g/plant
Average Height: 150

Not yet introduced.

Product info

The AlienZ auto is a mix of our AlienZ, with it’s incredible sweetness and sourness, crossed with the Watermelon autoflowering genetic.

The AlienZ auto grows with the strong vigor of the AlienZ, in a beautiful typical christmas tree shape with long and strong secondary branches. The branches will fill up of flower site with medium internoedal length, and later form long and wide colas by the end of flowering. The AlienZ auto inherited the amazing amount of sticky resin from the Watermelon Zkittlez and Velvet Moon combined, making it a great candidate for extractions with a great flower yield and a pungent smell.

The aromas of the AlienZ is a perfect combo of both world, the lemony acidness and earthiness of the velvet, mixed with the sweetness and Zkittlez tones from the Watermelon Zkittlez.