Arjan's Haze 3 (Feminised)

Haze x Laos
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70%  SATIVA  -  30%  INDICA  

THC:  20,29%  CBD:  1,20%   CBN:  0,64%  


Shortest, fastest haze plant in history. Haze x Laos.


Euphoric high, very social and creative.

One of the fruitiest and sweetest between the sativas.


10 weeks with a yield up to 700 gr/m2.

Very short sativa, ideal for SoG and ScrOG.


Ready by the 2nd week of october (North hemisphere) with a production up to 1000 gr/plant.

Very strong, flexible, short, bushy plant.

Ideal for equatorial, tropical, subtropical andtemperate climates.


Arjan’s Haze #3 is a very particular Sativa, known for its fast-flowering time and big flower production. It’s an original cross of Haze x Sativa Laos. This almost pure Sativa line will satisfy your mouth with its citric and fruity flavor. 

The effect is fast and strong, with a euphoric high. Perfect to be consumed during the day during any activities. A real social Sativa. The flavor is a mix of lemon, flower and fruit, and it’s not too strong in the nose as other Hazes can be. The most expressed terpenes are α -Pinene, Terpinolene and α -Humulene. The Terpinolene is a very characteristic terpene of the Hazes: lemony and hearty.

Despite being a Haze, this plant is small. Indoors, it can produce up to 750g/plant, with 10 weeks of flowering time. Outdoors, it can grow bigger, up to 200 cm in height, with a production of 1000g/plant. The plant is ready to be harvested during the end of October (Northern Hemisphere).

Arjan’s Haze #3 produces big, long flowers, covered by a good number of trichomes, and the pistil productions is high. The leaves are dark green.


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