Chemical Candy

Gorilla Glue x Sweet Mango Auto
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40%  SATIVA  -  50%  INDICA   10%  RUDERALIS   

THC:  22,00%  CBD:  0,54%   CBN:  0,25%  

Gorilla Glue x Sweet Mango Auto

Short description
The Chemical Candy autoflowering is a cross of the Classic Gorilla Glue, known for its potent effects, taste, and high amount of THC, crossed with our Sweet Mango Auto, one of the staples of our autoflowering strains known for its sweetness and big flower yield

The effects are strong and instant hitters, like the Gorilla Glue it will hit your head and body after a few seconds and will last for a while, combining the high and clear mind of the sativa effects with the heavy body stone of the indica.

The smell of the Chemical Candy is very powerful while growing on the plants, emitting some strong and pungent chemical grape, and light fruity mango aromas, that will be complemented by a pinch of gassy notes toward the end of flowering.

Flowering Cycle: 8 to 9 Weeks
Yield: Medium - High

Harvest: 8 weeks flowering time
Yield: 160g/plant
Average Height: 150cm

Not yet introduced.

Product info

The Chemical Candy will grow into a mid sized plant of steady structure with many flower sites that will grow along the stem and connect together into some long flowers everywhere, full of pistils that will quickly give place to a dense and elongated bud with thin leaves covered in thick white trichomes, inherited from the gorilla. The flowers will be dense and compact with a conic shape.

The smoke is very smooth on the palate with just the right amount of gasiness to add some acidity to the sweetness and make you salivate.