Sweet Valley Kush (Feminised)

Afghan Kush x Hindu Kush
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20%  SATIVA  -  80%  INDICA  

THC:  24,10%  CBD:  0,5%   CBN:  0,05%  

Afghan Kush x Hindu Kush

Light cerebral effect, creeper, short lasting. Mildly relaxing

Flowering Indoor
8 weeks, with a yield up to 800 gr/m.2.

Flowering Outdoor
Ready by the end of September (North hemisphere) with a production up to 1000 gr/plant.

As the name suggests, this Kush variety is characterized by a sweet and mild flavour. Bred from Afghan Kush and Hindu Kush, this almost-pure Indica line will inebriate your senses with its special flavour and effect. An easy and compact plant.

Even if this plant is small, you will be surprised by its strong effect. An heavy sensation of relaxation will move through your body, leaving you with a feeling of mind-heaviness. Perfect to consume after a nice lunch or dinner. The flavour is sweet, hearty and nutty, almost like almonds. Some phenotypes can be more acid-sweet. A pretty particular flavour and smell. The most expressed terpenes are Myrcene, α -Pinene and Humulene.

Sweet Valley Kush has the perfect size for every kind of space and is a small plant that, if well trained, will fill the whole growing space. Can be trained with SoG to have beautiful large colas or trained with ScroG to increase the yield and number of branches. If grown indoors, this plant will flower in 8–9 weeks, with a yield of 500g/m2. Outdoors, this plant will grow to a maximum height of 170 cm, with a production of 750g/plant. Ready during the first week of October (Northern Hemisphere). 

A beautiful Green House Seed Co interpretation of a Kush.

Not yet introduced.