King's Juice Auto

King’s Juice x King’s Kush Auto
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10%  SATIVA  -  80%  INDICA  -  10%  RUDERALIS  

THC:  22,10%  CBD:  0,70%  CBN:  0,07%  


The effects are smooth and relaxing, not a big couch-lock hitter but perfect for all day smoke.

Flowering Indoor
8-9 Weeks flowering time with a high yield.
9 weeks total crop time.

Flowering Outdoor
10 weeks flowering time with a production up to 80 gr/plant.
Average Height: 80-100 cm.

The King’s Juice Auto is the autoflowering equivalent of one of our latest additions to the catalog, the King’s Juice. A beautiful mix of the King’s Kush that Arjan loves so much with the Mimosa, this is an amazing strain that brings some fruitiness to the sourness and earthiness of the King’s Kush. 

To create this auto version, we crossed our King’s Juice back with our King’s Kush Auto to bring in the autoflowering traits. The auto version keeps the beautiful structure of the King’s Kush while taking advantage of the vigor and bud size of the Mimosa. 

With a great bud-to-leaf ratio and an amazing, potent, citrusy and sour smell combined with the earthiness of the Kush, it is a perfect plant to grow any time of year and will not stretch too high for people who need to be discreet. 

The effects are smooth and relaxing, it’s not a big couch-lock hitter but perfect for an all-day smoke.

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