Arjan's Ultra Haze 2 (Mango Haze) (Feminised)

Neville's Haze x Mango Haze x Laos
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80%  SATIVA  -  20%  INDICA  

THC:  22,53%  CBD:  0,16%   CBN:  0,66%  

Neville's Haze x Mango Haze x Laos.

Great psychoactive high, strong & long lasting.
Uplifting and social.

Flowering Indoor
12-13 weeks with a yield up to 800 gr/m2.

Flowering Outdoor
Ready by the 4th. week of October.
Production up to 1000 gr/plant.


The Arjan’s Ultra Haze #2 is a very sweet Sativa, born from a breeding project using a selected Neville’s Haze crossed with the famous Mango Haze and Laos variety. This strain won several prizes in 4 Cannabis Cups. Compared with the Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1, you will find this strain sweeter, tropical and more social.

The effect of this plant, indeed, is on the social side. The onset is fast, but not too aggressive—perfect to be smoked during the day. The flavor is the real deal, though: tropical and fruity, with mango scents. Overall, we can define the flavor of this strain as tropical, citric and a bit metallic, due to the Neville’s Haze. The most expressed terpenes are α -Pinene, β-Caryophyllene and α-Phellandrene.

You can tell that this plant is a real Haze—big, tall and with a big yield. Indoors, this plant can perform really well, with a production of up to 750g/m2. The flowering time is about 12–13 weeks, so not a fast strain. Outdoors, it can grow up to 230 cm, with a production of 1100g/plant. The harvest time is during the second week of November (Northern Hemisphere). The flowers are unique, with a long shape and an amazing smell of ripe fruit.

2nd HTCC 2005.
3rd Champions Cup 2005.
1st ADC Cup 2015.
3rd EXPOGROW Irún 2018 in Sativa Category.