White Widow (Feminised)

Brazilian x South Indian
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40%  SATIVA  -  60%  INDICA  

THC:  25,76%  CBD:  0,10%   CBN:  0,28%  

Brazilian x South Indian.

A relaxing indica feeling that turns into a bursting sativa high.
Very complex and enjoyable, fast hit and long-lasting effect.

Flowering Indoor
8 weeks, with a yield up to 800 gr/m.2.
Very good for ScrOG.

Flowering Outdoor
Ready at the end of September (North hemisphere) with a production up to 900 gr/plant.
Good for mild, temperate areas.

This legendary strain is still one of the most requested from the Dutch coffeeshops, everybody knows the White Widow! This genetic, the pride of our “White Family,” is one of our most sold strains ever. Born from a cross of Brazilian and Southern Indian Cannabis varieties, this strain has the perfect combination of Indica and Sativa traits, both in effect/flavour and structural characteristics. The White Widow was the winner of two prizes in the 1995 HTCC: 1st place in the “Bio” category and 1st place in the main strain category.

The effect is really particular; it starts with the relaxing feeling of Indica and turns into a bursting Sativa high. Its elevated THC content makes this genetic a bit creepy for inexperienced smokers. Even today it is considered a viable rival to the powerful new strains. The flavour is a combination of spicy, woody, sweet and earthy notes. Some phenotypes will express a more metallic note. The most expressed terpenes are Myrcene, α -Pinene and β-Caryophyllene.

The structure of this strain is definitely more Indica-like, with short internodes, large leaves and bushy growth. Indoors, this plant can perform really well, especially in SoG and ScroG. The flowering time is between 8–9 weeks, with a yield of 600g/m2. Outdoors, this plant can reach a height of 170 cm, with many branches and a yield of up to 950g/plant. The main characteristic of the flowers is the frosty layer of trichomes that covers the buds. You will also notice how dense the buds are. The White Widow is definitely a must-try strain!

1stBio HTCC 1995.