Banana Krumble

Banana Punch x OG Kush
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30%  SATIVA  -  70%  INDICA  

THC:  24,78%  CBD:  0,34%   CBN:  0,05%  

Banana Krumble (Banana Punch x OG Kush)

The effect is very strong on the body and long lasting, making Banana Krumble the ideal nightcap strain.

Flowering Cycle: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Medium

Harvest: Late September
Average Height: 170 - 200 cm
Yield: 500g/plant

Not yet introduced.


For this cross we used the Banana Punch we selected for its smell and flavor of overripe bananas and cinnamon, and crossed it with our selected OG Kush to bring back the gassy, fuel-like flavor.

Banana Krumble grows very short, with thick, overlapping fingers and only starts to stretch in late veg and early flower. It can take moderate to high feedings and produces medium-high yields. The compact buds will need support during the last weeks of flowering.

Buds are dense and covered in resin, making it an ideal strain for extractions.

The smell and taste are a combination of the intense banana terpenes from our selected plant and that old-school OG Kush terpene profile. The fruitiness mixed with the earthiness and sourness makes a perfect blend for an all-day smoke. The most expressed terpenes are The most expressed terpenes are Myrcene, α-Pinene and Caryophyllene.